We would like to invite you to the kind and caring world of the Enchanting Forest.


 Where people are valued for who they are, not what they have. 

Where everyone is accepted, loved and cherished.

Where all the labels society slaps on you are thrown away...

and whatever quirks you might have are seen as enchanting!

This year our creative team is back with a new project... and a special one at that! 

We are working on a new collection of images for an art exhibit dedicated to the idea of 'shedding stereotypes and life without labels'.

Through the talent and vibrancy of children with an extra chromosome we would like to remind everyone that every person is complex and different. 

You and me, and each of us are One of a Kind!

No matter what category society is trying to slot you in,

if you choose to break out, no one can stop you!

The people who doubt you and laugh at your aspirations today

will eventually become a thing of the past.

 Don't let them hold you back!  

What do they know?!


Below are images created during the first stage of this project, our 2018 Enchanting Forest calendar. 


If you own one, we hope it will bring you your daily dose of inspiration, unconditional love and sparkling sunshine all year round!

If you don't, you can purchase it HERE 

It makes a wonderful and a rather unique gift.


 If you have a child with DS or you know someone who does, please drop us a line. We are looking for new faces!


We would like to thank all the families who participated in this project! Your children are beyond precious! They changed the way we view the world today.

We are also infinitely grateful to everyone who purchased a calendar or made a donation! Every little bit counts! It takes us closer to a very special collection of art that will never exist without you.

We hope to meet you in person at the Enchanting Forest exhibit next fall!

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