You mean so much to me...

Dogs are family.

Everyone who has one knows the feeling…

You care and worry about them just as much as you do for the people who mean the most to you.

They shower you with never-ending affection and bring you love in buckets.

Unconditional love… The best kind there is.


It was wonderful to photograph these two good friends.

All this commotion… I just want to sleep.

All this commotion… I just want to sleep.

You’ve been my friend for a long-long time…

You’ve been my friend for a long-long time…


The photo below says it all…

Rae and his fur friend… . Jabez and his Human…

Rae and his fur friend… . Jabez and his Human…

A Harmony of Hearts - Making Memories Together


“Don't you wish you could take a single childhood memory and blow it up into a bubble and live inside it forever?” 
― Sarah Addison Allen

I love photographing this family.

When you are around them it’s impossible not to get drawn into their world… Filled with kindness, care and attention to each other, it radiates harmony. Genuine harmony of hearts…

I don’t see them very often (as you can imagine), but every session leaves a lasting impression on me… and a ton of photos to go through!!!

Speaking of which…

I’m still trying to reduce the number of photos in my posts…

…and clearly it’s still not working very well.

So here are 30 of my favourite 75 images from the session :)


Human Symphony

If I had to describe Anne in terms of music, I would say she is a symphony…


…which, according to the dictionary, is an elaborate musical composition for full orchestra, typically in four movements, at least one of which is traditionally in sonata form.


What I am trying to say is… no matter how hard you try to capture a deep and interesting person, there are always… always… things left outside the frame. At the end of the session I am often wondering what was left unnoticed.

Sometimes the elusiveness of the answer drives me crazy, but once in a while I get an image like this one and I feel like I’ve been offered a glimpse behind the guarded doors…

This is one of my three most favourite images from this session. The other two are not quite finished yet. I’ll post them later.

This is one of my three most favourite images from this session. The other two are not quite finished yet. I’ll post them later.

Anyway… Here is the side of Anne that is easily observable.


Beautiful smile, followed by mischievous glance, followed by infectious laugh…

The epitome of joy.


A lovely-lovely person to be around!


A Masterpiece of Love

Every time I meet inspiring people I seem to go way overboard with the number of photos I take… and post.

This is exactly why this post has a gazillion of images.


And the main reason I took so many photos is because…

…this family is a masterpiece of love.

Despite the fact that I met them not too long ago I feel like I’ve known them all my life.


Chrissy and Armando are both dance teachers (I believe they teach jazz and contemporary dance).

They obviously know how to pose.

They are also infinitely patient and kind beyond measure.


Look at their eyes… See what I mean? They emit kindness.


And their girls…

…their girls are something else!


I look at the moments we captured… and my heart melts into a puddle…


We had soooo much fun :)


I think the last photo says it all…

Secret Ingredient -Part 2

If you take a moment to look at every single photo in this post, you can’t help but notice how tight-knit this family is.


Obviously their relationship is built on love…

Yet you can sense there is way-way more than just love alone that binds them together.


It is clear that mutual respect and genuine interest in each other are nourished in this family.


They subscribe to the same values and listen to each other’s heartbeat.


They make time to be together.


And someone is always there for you when you need a hand or a hug…


Actually I think “Being There” for each other Is their Secret Ingredient!

The Secret Ingredient - Part 1


After spending a day trying to squeeze all of my favourite photos from this session into one post… I finally had to give up.

No matter how I rearrange the images, there are still way too many… Too beautiful… Too different.. I love them all… and nothing can be done about it!

So here we go, Part One…


Every time we photograph this family they fill my heart with gratitude and warmth.

Gratitude - because I have the privilege to call them my friends.

Warmth - because they are extremely genuine people who are a joy to be around.


They are so in tune with each other…

Being around them always makes me forget about our dysfunctional world...

and when I sort their photos I often wonder what the secret ingredient of their relationship is.


I have some ideas…

I’ll share them with you in Part Two :)


Beauty and grace of friendship and dance

Here is a little sneak peek of one of our last Fall Sessions this year.


You’d never know it from the photos, but it was rather chilly and the wind…

The wind was howling!

Despite everything the session was a success.

All credit for that goes to these two girls, who are in addition to being graceful dancers turned out to be real troopers as well.


What does true happiness look like? - Part II

Every time a fellow photographer tells me they can sort photos from a session in an hour or two, the left part of my brain takes a big bite out of the right one…


HOW in the world do they do it?


In my case… even something as simple as selecting images for a post is a major struggle…

As a result ‘Part II’ of this post kept growing, and growing, and growing…

And it would have continued to grow, if at some point I didn’t count the photos…


27 images in one post is way too many.

Except I love them all…

They capture beautiful moments of a truly happy family.


Oh, I love those curls!!!




These two….

These two…

Soooo precious!!!


What does true happiness look like? - Part I

“Children don’t need ‘things‘. They need you (…their parents)!”, said Shelley

and I immediately knew not only did I get a Client… I met a Friend!


Genuine happiness never comes from getting everything you want.


It comes from sharing everything you have with people who matter most

and being there for people who need your help.


I believe happiness comes from the ultimate fulfillment of the heart

and genuine appreciation of life and people.


Happiness is when you have someone, who understands you even without words.


I took so many photos, I have to break them into two posts.

Part 2 is to follow :)

I wonder if it's going to be a Halloween baby... - Rebecca & Co - Part 2

Today the sweet little baby in the tummy is turning 5…

Time flies so fast!

This portrait belongs in a gallery. I just love the look on Rebecca’s face.

This portrait belongs in a gallery. I just love the look on Rebecca’s face.

Love it!

Love it!

It’s photos like this one make me wonder whether I should go back to taking pregnancy photos against dark background.

It’s photos like this one make me wonder whether I should go back to taking pregnancy photos against dark background.

This is one of my favourite family portraits from the session. The lines, the light, the expressions… Expressions in particular!

This is one of my favourite family portraits from the session. The lines, the light, the expressions… Expressions in particular!

I just love how surreal and timeless this photo looks..

I just love how surreal and timeless this photo looks..

And here she is!!!! Beyond, beyond, beyond adorable. Just look at those lips!

And here she is!!!! Beyond, beyond, beyond adorable. Just look at those lips!

Quick Guide to Capturing Gorgeous Fall Photos

Even though you might think…

…it is too late for photos like the one you are looking at…

It isn’t!

We took this photo at Wascana Park only two days ago (on October 21st).

Striking foliage and berries are still around!


While the weather is nice, take advantage of it!

Get some beautiful images of your family this fall!

I put together some tips and ideas on how to capture the authentic photos of loved ones.

Click on the button below to see it.

Marshmallows in the Park

Since I embarked on my photo-career 13 years ago, I met some photographers who manage to not get attached to people they work with.

I have no idea how they do it.

Every time I photograph a child, a family or an event… something funny, touching or important happens during the session… You get to know people a little bit better every time they come. It makes you grow very fond of them... Emotions and memories get embedded in the images. They become a part of my life…

I’m very grateful to everyone who stopped by our improvised get together last Sunday!

I know it was rather chilly…

Your laughs and hugs, and catching up made it into such a wonderful day!!

You Are My Sunshine

Dear Friends!

We had such a busy summer this year, I didn't have time to post any new photos...

I even forgot to share a little video I created in July.  

Here it is. My little tribute to Sunshine that never ceases to warm your heart.  Hope you like it :)

I'm working on our new galleries at the moment, so more photos are to come soon.

Hearts Bound Together

Meeting Art and Kelly was like stumbling onto gold.

I just couldn't believe my luck. 


Imagine the most genuine, kind and interesting people....


...super-super easy and fun to be around...

...who fortunately live very close...

...and have a fabulous family, who have some serious acting talents and LO-O-OVE to improvise.

Having them for a 'Secret Admirer' session was a real treat. 

Especially because it was us, who happened to be their 'admirers'.


Kelly loves black and white images.  So do I...


Portraits look quite dramatic in black and white. They almost have the old film feel to them. 


Speaking of film. A couple of images I absolutely love didn't make it into this post because of a different feel and different finish than the rest of the photos. Please check back soon. I'm going to post them tomorrow. 


Family! Unscripted & Photo Perfect!

Here is another one of our 'Secret Admirer' sessions.

This time the 'admirer' is me :)

Angela is a part of a group of clients who are very dear to my heart.  They made it impossible for me to quit photography when I was ready to pivot in a completely different direction. It was her and others' genuine appreciation of my work that tipped the scale.

I met Angela at the Hotel Saskatchewan five years ago (where we were holding Enchanted Forest sessions)... with a cup of coffee in her hand and a marvellous bright-eyed three year old in tow. 

The dress she picked for the shoot was six sizes larger than her daughter wore at the time. "I like this one", she said. "We'll pin it down, it'll be fine"...   I loved it!!


Below is an unplanned and unscripted portion of our latest session together.  My favourite part!

"You're squishing me!"

"You're squishing me!"

"You're squishing me!"

"You're squishing me!"

"Out of the way! I'm ready for my close-up!!"

"Out of the way! I'm ready for my close-up!!"

Love, love love... and more love!

Love, love love... and more love!

It looks like they have a palm-reader in the family. 

It looks like they have a palm-reader in the family. 


This was the last photo of the session. 

Everyone was photoed-out and ready to leave... We were discussing how it all went, wondering whether we were able to get a great family shot and suddenly Angela just sneaked in next to Jordan and the very first and very last photo of this post happened... 

Cathedral Village Arts Festival 2018

It always seems to take forever to get everything ready for the Arts Festival Street Fair and then it goes by... in a blink... or two. Which, of course, is a good thing. Means you are busy and having fun. 


Best of all you get to see old friends and make new ones... check whether your work is still of interest to people (Which it is!!! Considering  how many prints and cards we sold)... and get a few new ideas to work on!!


Our Enchanted Fairies art piece turned out to be a show stopper.  It features students of Class Act Dance Studios in Regina.  

Lots and lots... and lots of people came by to take a closer look. Including some of the little fairies in the image and even some of their peers. It was wonderful to hear that their friends thought they did a beautiful job on posing and they look really cute :) !!! 


Frank's-Shoe-Repair-part of our Photography/Shoe Repair combo was extremely popular as well. The sewing machine drew a lot of attention from people of all ages. One little boy said, "I know what it is!  It's a projector.................... for old movies!!!"  It was so adorable! 

Somehow Alf managed to remain serious about the matter. You have to admit the little munchkin had a point. This 100 year old Singer does look like an old projector... a little...

A brief explanation followed by a thorough demonstration... to the delight of a curious explorer and his very proud Papa. 


Well... No street fair is complete without rain and wind. Fortunately our city is full of wonderful people who rushed to help us to keep our tent down as it tried to take off. It rained through the gap between our two canopies, so special measures had to be taken. 

Overall it was a beautiful day for the Festival! Thank you to everyone who came by our booth!