The Session That Was Meant To Be!

Outdoor sessions any time of the year tend to turn me into a  compulsive weather checker. More so in fall. Especially in late October.  But if a session meant to be, even a bad weather will wait... :)  

The evening of this shoot turned out to be beautiful. The sunset was so spectacular that even Zoey, who thrives in front of the camera and can pose for hours, had hard time looking at me. We had fabulous time! 

The very next morning we woke up to everything covered in white! It snowed and it stayed. 


If you recognize people in these photos, you know how wonderful and special this family is.  And I can not be happier that we managed to sneak these shots just before the winter arrived. 


People You Love Most

Why does selecting photos for a post have to be so hard?  Minutes turn into hours rather quickly and without you ever noticing it... It  generally seems to be a problem with me and in this case in particular. 

Earlier in my career I was absolutely terrified of doing work for artists and musicians. Especially the extremely talented kind. Deep down I always wanted them to go somewhere else... Until I met this couple. Their out of this world kindness and appreciation for my work cured my fears. And I can not be happier they decided to come back for a fall family session this year. 

It means a great deal to me that they trust me with photographing people they love most!!!


Guys, you are amazing! World needs more people like you!


A Glow of Happiness

I can still feel a glow of happiness that surrounded this session. Two little munchkins running around, playing in the leaves, laughing all the way... and their parents... enjoying every minute. 

What I love most about these images is how genuine they are.  They are true to this family and to precious moments of joy that come from being together. 

We had so much fun photographing them! Meanwhile Alf kept saying that the mother of the boys look familiar. Very-very familiar!  Imagine our surprise when we found out later that she is the daughter of old friends! Except last time Alf saw her she was around her boys age  :)


A Family of Free Spirits

I've been trying to figure it out for years... Who are the people who keep coming back to us for more photos?  Despite our limited availability, above-average prices and a growing number of photographers in the city.  The answer came at the most unexpected moment. As Janine looked at her oldest daughter and said "She is a free spirit", it dawned on me...  Of course! Why didn't I think of it myself?! This is EXACTLY who these people are!

Saying that this family is amazing is redundant after you see the photos. They light everything around them with their smiles and a refreshing sense of humour.  They are a family of free spirits and I'm extremely grateful they have chosen us as their photographers!


It is impossible to post all the beautiful images we took that day, but here are some more. 


Live Your Favourite Moments Every Day

I know I am supposed to be working... yet I can't stop turning around to look at the gorgeous wall portrait that came in the mail this morning.  It's the very first photo in this post. Most certainly one of those photographs that are meant to be printed large. 

It was such a perfect evening.  A loving family enjoying being together, cuddling and giggling, and throwing leaves at each in the setting autumn sun.  Just a few days later that crazy wind we had in October blew all the leaves off this tree.  Yet the moment is not lost.  Its warmth and beauty is captured forever.

This is one of my favourite spots for outdoor sessions in Regina.  Splendid and glorious are two words that come to mind every time I see it. 

Family Love

I love, love, love photographing families.  Especially outdoors. Prefferably in the fall. 

This family stole my heart a long time ago...

There is so much love and care in everything they say and do, it's impossible to stop taking photos.  

There is a lot of photos in this post...

As you can see everyone had a lot of fun!!

In Perfect Harmony

Every single year as trees change their colour and days become shorter and shorter, my husband and I spend a lot of our time photographing families in a park.

These sessions are unlike any other we do. They have an ethereal quality to them and feel like music. They immerse your heart in perfect harmony.  Harmony created by genuine human connection and love. 

I hope you can see it in these photos. 


Happy Birthday Alex!

This is a very special little boy born on a very special day.  We were very happy to take his photos to celebrate his 2nd and Canada's 150th Birthday!

He was a little shy at the beginning, but then warmed up to the idea and even brought his favourite props to the set by himself. The rocking horse in the first image was one of them.  He even tried fix our broken train for us... and while we marvelled at his engineering mind, he created a garage out of our larges horse and parked all the vehicles he played with. 

The image with bugle is my favourite! It captures perfectly how adorable this little munchkin is!!

You are my biggest gift and greatest joy!

There is nothing more admirable and beautiful in this world than genuine people. People with big hearts, who care and support each other at all times. I feel so lucky this is exactly the type of people our studio always seems to attract... 

Here are Ashton and Gavin. Both are an absolute delight to be around.  

Gavin is full tilt into his 'I-am-cool-and-super-independent' age. Yet if you take a careful look at the photos, you'll see that being his mom's pride and joy means the world to him. Likely because it comes with endless support and a gentle push towards new heights... 


Making our world a little bit kinder

You can't expect a society to change overnight... but every little bit of kindness, understanding and acceptance brings change into someone's life. 

May 28th to June 3rd is National AccessAbility Week in Canada. It celebrates diversity in our communities and workplaces. It also encourages the inclusion of people with different abilities into all of society's activities. 

Here is our tribute to the talent and vibrancy of children with an extra chromosome. Children who are not afraid to be themselves and bring unconditional love and sparkling sunshine to everyone around them. 

True Love - Celebrating Motherhood

I wanted to start this post by making a strong case for photos being a perfect Mother's Day gift, but then thought of the millions photographers (including myself) all around the world saying the same thing year after year, after year...  and changed my mind.

Instead I asked myself what IS the Best Gift for a Mother?  

I think it's your children being healthy and happy, and close to you.  It's knowing they are safe and well taken care of... expanding their knowledge, growing their talents, captivating hearts and conquering the world. 

These will be the photos brought out and looked at both during happy and tough times. They'll carry messages of your devotion and support throughout the years. They'll remind your children of how truly cherished they are.

That being said, I still believe no matter how old your children are, 4 days, 4 months, 4 years or 40, you need to have photographs of them taken together with you.  Images that capture the love and connection you share.

How do I know? Because every time I look at images of my mom holding me as a child, my heart overflows with tenderness and love. They take me back to a time when I didn't have a care in the world and felt like I won a lottery every other day.

Celebrate Motherhood with some gorgeous images of you and your children.  Book a session before Mother's Day and we'll include a Storyboard Collage with 3 of your favourite images from the session as a Mother's Day Gift from us!

See what a story board collage looks like and get pricing details. Just click on the button below. 

Solnechnyi Zaychik and Her Little Brother

After half an hour of trying to find a suitable translation for 'Солнечный Зайчик' into English, I decided to compose my own.  Literally it means 'Little Sunshine Bunny'.  Which is a highly endearing Russian name for a dancing and jumping fleck of light caught and projected by a reflective surface (often on purpose). 

Photographing Zoey was just that. Trying to catch a beautiful speckle of light a thousand times faster than you'll ever be.  Her little sidekick, on the other hand, provided us with a slo-mo no- rush take-all-the-time-you-need kind of photo op. I'm sure that's going to change pretty soon :)


Too Cute for Words

"I'm so happy with the photos. So glad we did the session! " Mother of  two precious little sprites is slowly turning pages of her freshly printed album looking at her daughters lost in the World of Magic.  I myself can not be happier, her words tell me I have managed to capture her  children the way she sees them.  Loving and gentle. Beautiful to no end and too cute for words!

Art Worthy - Day Five - Alice in Wonderland

Sometimes I ask myself what exactly it is that I do?

In my previous life of being a teacher my goal was always to nourish talent, build self-esteem and inspire children to reach for the highest goals...

Today I get to do the same thing.  When children are in our studio they dive into an atmosphere of free expression, playfulness and make belief.  

I find myself being in awe of their creativity exactly the same way I did when choosing my career as a teacher. 

Art Worthy - Day Two - Babies

These two lil' brothers were positively determined not to fall asleep while in the studio, at least not at the same time... It took all of our patience and some advanced lullabying techniques on their mama's part to get them to this state :) It was worth the wait.

Little lilac teddy bear.  So precious! Just look at those cheeks!!!  Can't believe it's already been a year since we took this photo. 

Little sweet pea B.  We photographed her soooo many times :)  Quite a character then she is quite a character now.  We wish she lived closer so we could see her more often.