A Frozen Christmas - Important Details

Only two more sleeps to 'A Frozen Christmas'! 

And Today Is The Day  of our Early Bird Draw!!

If you haven't purchased Ultimate Frozen Christmas Draw tickets, today is the last day you can get them with the Early Bird Draw bonus tickets! We have wonderful prizes.  You can check the details out at Ultimate Frozen Christmas Draw

We would also like to introduce to you some of the people who will be helping us at the event. 

Stacy Routledge is our Ultimate Frozen Christmas Draw Coordinator.

She will be able to answer all of your questions about all draws we will be running at the event.  She is coming to our studio today to carry out our Early Bird Draw. The Winning Ticket Number will be posted in Bits of News section on our website as well as on our Facebook page. We wish luck to All of Our Participants!!! 

If you purchased Draw Tickets online, you should receive two sets of ticket numbers: one - for the Early Bird Draw and second - for the Ultimate Frozen Christmas Draw. 

Since I obviously can't count and buy prizes in great numbers, we are going to have twice as many mini-draws as we originally planned. Now mini-draws will be held every 15 minutes instead of every half an hour (doubling your chances of winning as a result).



Amanda Chase is our Free Lense INFO Booth Coordinator. 

She will be at the event helping to answer any questions about the photos taken during the event, print sizes, print prices and most important about our deadlines for ordering photos for Christmas.  

If you decide that you'd like to book one of our studio sessions, Amanda is the person you'd like to see. She will have the schedule of our upcoming sessions and will be able to secure a spot for you. 






Please note both of these people  are our very dear clients, who graciously agreed to help us at the event. They may not be able to answer ALL of your questions, but they will do their best. We ask for your understanding. Please be kind to them. We love them and would like to have them as our friends and clients forever. 

Tomorrow we are going to introduce two more members of our photo team, so please don't forget to check back.