Treasure Every Moment

I often think that human life has a tremendous resemblance to our planet's existence. Droughts and floods, blooming gardens and erupting volcanos, sunshine and hurricanes… it's all there. Shaping the 'landscape' of our lives.  When times are good, it's easy to forget about darkness, when tragedy strikes, it's hard to remember there is light.  The loss of someone you love tears your soul apart like a merciless tornado and throws it into the abyss.  Anyone who has been through it knows what it's like.  Picking up the pieces doesn't make you whole, it only allows you to carry on.


This is a childhood photo of my brother Leo. His tragic death at the beginning of this year left our family absolutely devastated and heartbroken.

I spent two and a half months in Ukraine trying to help my mother cope with the loss and it took me another three months to be finally able to resume my work. I wish I could find a way to express the depth of my gratitude to everyone who offered their love and support through those very difficult times... I'm so incredibly lucky to have you in my life! Please keep safe, healthy, happy and at ease. And please never hesitate to let me know if I can ever be of any help to you.

leo and me.jpg

My dear Leo... Neither my soul nor my brain can accept that you are gone. I've been going through your photos every day (fortunately you didn't shy away from the camera) re-living good and bad times we went through, remembering our soul-to-soul conversations that often lasted way past midnight.  Your astonishing kindness and sincerity made this world better for everyone around you. Your presence in my life was a marvellous gift.  I will forever treasure every moment we had together... just as you would always do...