Way Too Adorable!!!!

This was one of our 'Secret Admirer' sessions.

I have to admit, after reading "She is the strongest woman I know", written by Lindsay Z., Catherine's secret admirer, I didn't expect a person with the gentlest eyes and the softest smile to walk through our door.

Once again, I was reminded:


Some of the strongest people in the world are also some of the kindest ones!!!

Anyway... Here are some photos from the session. 

Just look at these two! Can they be any more adorable?!!!


Absolutely fabulous family!!!


A Heart Full of Love

New life...

Hearts overflowing with tenderness...

...and an amazing story of love proving impossible things to be possible when you follow your heart!!!!


It was such a wonderful session.  Meeting this family felt very much like getting together with old friends. Old friends you never met before... :) 

Little Ridgley didn't mind being a start of the show and let us change his outfits and props a hundred times... or so! 


Getting a perfect 'scale' shot is always a bit tricky, but it's soooo worth an effort...  Especially when it comes out looking like the one below. 


Sun on Snow

These two are magic! They make my heart melt just like the sun melts the snow.  

They make a cold day feel like spring!

I look at them and think how lucky they are to have each other in their lives. 

They'll always be there for each other no matter what!


Zoey - 299 792 458 m/s (or so it feels)

"If you can photograph Zoey, you can photograph anyone," - Zoey's mom Pam tells me while I'm trying not to look too eager as I'm nodding. 

All I can do is anticipate, anticipate, anticipate... Zoey is the fastest child I know. She is a hundred miles ahead of me. The sweetest little girl you can imagine. I want so much to capture the sincerity and preciousness of her expressions...


The photo with the frog is my favourite. Unfortunately half of Zoey's thumb was covered with a leaf in the original, so I spent quite a bit of time obsessing with fixing it. Now it looks perfect. Doesn't look like a scene from a movie?!!!


True Happiness

Is it too early to start talking about next Christmas?  Of Course it is! But it's not too late to say one last word about this past Christmas. 

As I was putting together collages for this post my husband and I were reminiscing about this shoot. Being swamped with work for months before Christmas, it was 'the Christmas experience' of the past season for us. 

This is one of the most wonderful families we've ever met. Being around them warmed our hearts and put us in a festive mood. They radiate love and kindness and obviously know the secret to true happiness. Very-very inspiring!


Look at these photos and you will see a perfect mix of genuine togetherness, mischievousness and affection.


Birthday Girl

Now, this is what you call a Birthday Party!!!

Family, friends and Saskatchewan weather!

This group of girls were not going to let a little bit of cold weather and strong wind get in the way of a good party. They had so much energy and enthusiasm we were afraid the lake would melt.


A good time was had by all.


Baby Love

Let's face it, babies are born to be adored, loved, snuggled to and kissed a lot. This handsome munchkin's got it all... and more...


I'm so glad we got these photos and captured his 'tiny-ness'.  I hear that he is eating almost non-stop (especially at night) and at this rate is going to outgrow his sister and his parents in no time :)


Oh those little hands and little feet!!


Of course I took quite a few photos of little miss Lily (the adorable big sister) as well, but since I think the spotlight should remain on her baby-brother, I'll put he images online in a few days. Please check back, they turned out absolutely beautiful!

Planes, Trains, Automobiles

It is always  so wonderful when your friends bring their grandchildren for a session.  You can see their faces light up with love. You can tell their hearts are overflowing with joy and happiness.

Jaxson, adorable to no end. He has grown so much since I saw him last. He is still very much into planes, trains, automobiles and anything with wheels. 

This little munchkin is glued to his grandpa and keeps biggest smiles for his grandma. 


CBC Interview

I want to say HUGE-HUGE Thank You to everyone who came for the CBC interview at our studio. Your support means a lot to us. The CBC reporter was extremely kind and patient with our super enthusiastic models and the little munchkins had a lot of fun, as you can tell from the photos.

I'll let everyone know in advance when the interview airs. 


Merry Christmas!

To our Free Lense PhotoGraphic family, close and far, those who we have met and those who we haven't yet...

Merry Merry Merry Christmas!

Hope you are having a fabulous time with your loved ones!


We hope 2018 will take you to the highest heights in your life and brings you an unbelievable amount sunshine and love every day! 

Looking forward to seeing you this coming year. Please always remember that you don't have to book a session to come for a coffee...

Once photographed by us, you remain our friend forever!

Alf & Svetlana

Little Flower Princess

There can't be any doubt here, Emme is a real Flower Princess... and very much daddy's little girl!

She looks like a little flower herself. Gentle, gentle, gentle... She takes 'make believe' world very seriously and is so adorable to watch, it's hard to remember you are supposed to be taking photos. 


Fairy With A Graceful Heart - Part I

The best thing about being a photographer is getting to meet marvellous people. People who not only inspire your art, but your heart. 

You are looking at one of these people right now.  

Tamara was a bit shy when she came to the studio. It's a part of her nature, just like the her graceful heart. By the end of the session she had me completely convinced that kindness consists of particles and comes in waves. 


I took a gazillion of photos... and they all turned out beautiful, so watch for 'Part II' in a couple days. 

A Fairyland of Her Own

 Anaya. She creates in a Fairyland of her own.

Watching her is like following a fascinating ballet, where every movement is filled with meaning.  Exquisite hand gestures and her expressive eyes will tell you more than any words ever could.


See what I mean? No words are needed...


...and every move is so full of expression...


Sweetest Little Fairy

She looked like she stepped right out of a fairytale... 

She was a perfect little angel. Dainty, polite and very charming.

I asked her what she had been doing that day.  She said, "I'm just a little girl, I don't know what I was doing..."  We laughed and laughed and laughed...


Love At First Sight

When I say editing Enchanted Forest images takes a long time, I mean a l--o--n--g time. Poor Ashton, I pushed the completion date back three times on her. Thank you Ashton, for being so patient.

Now to Gavin. We both fell in love with him the first time we met him. Being a mischievous prankster he always catches us off guard. One moment he lo-o-oves lizards, the next, he's afraid of them. He is always full of surprises.

Having him in our studio is always a treat.