Class Act Studios - Enchanted Fairies

This post is sooo overdue...

I started working on this project last fall and if someone would have told me it would take  me months and months to finish it, I would have never believed...

I tried seven different backgrounds and changed the photos of little fairies at least four times. When I finally finished it  (about a month ago), my husband (whom I expected to be super impressed) told me that background needed some work...

So... back to the drawing table I went... Very reluctantly, I should say. 

Fantastic river and pond with red fishes and mushrooms

I can not be happier with the result! 


We couldn't have asked for a better group of little fairies for this project!!  

Working with them was a real treat for us!


Huge-huge thank you to all the wonderful parents of these beautiful fairies!  You've been unbelievably patient with me! I hope so much you like the photos. I hope so much I have a chance to work with you and your children again!

Special thanks to Tracy (who helped me to pose everyone), Kathy from Dancer's Den (who looked after all the costumes for the shoot) and to my husband (who delayed this post by a month)! I couldn't have done it without you!