Free Lense PhotoGraphic presents Photo School for Mommies

This workshop is unique because it’s organized BY Premiere Children’s Photographers FOR Parents specifically. 

That means:

  • it’s affordable

  • it’s not overwhelming

  • it won’t take you away from home for longer than your family can tolerate

  • it’s aimed at implementing what you learn immediately

  • it’s focused on the topics that really matter

  • it's a lot of fun

We will introduce you to the ’Free Lense' system of photography and we’ll share tips and insights to help you take better photos of your children.

You'll learn:

  • how to get the most out of your camera

  • how to quickly and easily set up a 'studio' in your home

  • how to capture your child's personality

  • how to make adorable props

  • how to 'see the light'

  • how to keep your photos sharp

  • how to make your images truly interesting

Looking forward to seeing you at our studio.