Every single person is unique.

Every single person is beautiful.

We met on a plane in Turkey.  It was a strange chain of events, involving a greedy airline clerk and a boxing team that ended with us sitting together.  After a long delay, a short flight and a hilarious taxi ride we hooked up the next day.  Over a cup of coffee we found we both had a deep love of photography and travel.  Since then we've been around the world and have well over a million photos under our belts.

Svetlana Tsybizova

I adore children, breathe photography and have a ton of patience.  My experience has taught me that the true beauty of a human being always comes from within. The more you care, the clearer you can see it. The clearer you can see it, the more chances you have of capturing it. 

Alfred Zumpano

Technical Brain and Musical Heart of the enterprise.  Never fails to create a perfect medley to accompany our photo sessions.  He has an incredible gift to guide everyone into beautiful poses (including pets and two-year olds) and can fix pretty much anything.