A Frozen Christmas - The Very Last Pre-Event Update

Additional Draw Details

I probably I shouldn't be running draws. I want everyone to win. Everyone!!! 

So… here what we came up with… Everyone who purchased Ultimate Frozen Christmas Draw tickets and didn't win any of the prizes, will receive a Free Lense Photo gift certificate for the amount they spent on tickets off any of our winter themed photo session, Winter Wonderland, Ice Castle, and Let It Snow. If you have any questions which is which, please see Amanda, our Free Lense Info Coordinator. 

If you have purchased your tickets online, your receipt will be in the same envelope as your draw tickets. If you purchase the tickets at the event, you will receive a receipt with your tickets. Please hold on to it. It will act as your Free Lense gift certificate after the draw. 


When to arrive

I know everyone is tired of me reminding you that we would love everyone arrive within their time slot… but here I am doing it again… It is important because we have quite a number of families attending the event and a lot of little ones who would love to meet our very special guests and take a photo with them. By dividing the day into 30 minute slots we are trying to avoid everyone arriving at the same time and then waiting in a huge line up. 

Children's Attire

If you wish, your children can dress up as a characters or you can have them wear regular nice outfits. 

What to expect.

There will be two photo teams working at the event. 

Theresa Porter

Theresa Porter

Main Team 

Alf Zumpano - the photographer & Theresa Porter, who is going to choreograph the images with the princesses to make sure everyone looks their absolute best. 

Second Team

Svetlana Tsybizova (me) - second photographer & Angela Millama, who is going to help me style my mini-paparazzi sessions throughout the day. 

Angela Millama

Angela Millama

The photos with the princesses will be taken with one child at a time. If you ever had a photo session you probably know that getting a good group image always requires quite a bit of time. Unfortunately we won't have enough time to orchestrate group shots with the characters. 


If you would like to have a group photo of all of your children or a family photo, please mention it to me or Angela, we'll do our absolute best to capture them for you. You'll see us while you are waiting in line for the Main Photo Op. 



See you on the inside!!!